Shane donated to the following or was a member to support his beloved animals: Peta, “No kill” Animal Shelters, Vegan Outreach, the Humane Society, Special Animal Rights group in Ridgecrest. You can purchase beautiful wooden boxes to keep the cremated remains of your animals. Contact: Bob 760-608-6305.

Veganism- subscribes to not killing or eating animals. Shane loved animal so much that he could not eat or kill them. He used alternative sources of meat protein. There are so many excellent sources now that you can't tell the difference.

Shane loved “Game Changers, the movie”(Trailer-already on website). Significant part that relates to Animal Rights is towards the end of the documentary. An ex-US military sharpshooter goes to Africa to help protect the wild animals from being killed by hunters. He has an epiphany and realizes he can no longer eat meat.

CATS- Shane's favorite animal. Among them were BO and Lady. Lady was so bonded to Shane that she left when Shane did. We have not been able to find her since then.



Shane could not understand how anyone could eat our animal friends. You can understand when you watch this video.....Get your “AWWWW” out!!

Steve Arkin Video