Family and Friends

Shane was the party planner for family and friend's parties and gatherings. Every birthday, holiday, every achievement.... big or small... was a reason for celebration. You would get an email or text like this that would summon you to come celebrate:

"Xmas eve day: Dec 24th 4-5:30pm at Dad's for one huge party! Themes: Welcome Huxen? How did Skyler get so smart? Sara got degree!  Sten got degree! Shane got degree! Kelli got degree! Shane got permanent government status! Mom doesn't have cancer! Rob got innovation award for shared info & stories, Shelby & Brian got rockin good life with all! Susie got rockin great retirement & travels! Dad, Deb, Bere got rockin great retirement  full of travels & fun!Where's Penny? Let's all Party..... Big Time!!"

Then, you would find lots of gifts wrapped in newspaper and lottery tickets for

everyone. Simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful of each person.


Thank you, Shane, for all the great parties!


Shane created Outdoor Adventures to all types of environments. Everyone invited, especially to the mountains and parks. Great memories.

Thank you, Shane, for all the great adventures!

Shane created pictures and videos of family and friends for every occasion. For example, at each event we found a camera in our face. We all thought it was somewhat silly, now we don't, as we have a record of special memories. He thought ahead and put them all organized on Susan's laptop. For example,

 Video 2017


Thank you, Shane, for all the recorded memories!

Shane would always connect with friends, near and dear, old and new, by sending a quick text or email. Many of you have received them. He would come visit you, too.

Thank you, Shane, for always reaching out and answering messages asap!