Testaments to Shane's green smoothie: (recipe below)

Doctor- “You are so healthy....all your tests are excellent. What are you doing? I want to be as healthy as you.”

Robert- After 2 years of having Shane's smoothies for lunch, his medical reports are excellent. “ I have never felt better....and I am in my 70's!”

2 male friends- Immediately felt better (One is a martial artist)!



  • Plant-based chef-Vegan, no dairy or sugar, no GMO's, organic and gluten-free.
  • “You only need one appliance”....a powerful blender.
  • Daily eating plan for work- Fruit or Green smoothie in morning. No eating in day until he got home at night when he would cook and create a plant-based meal.
  • Shane would write food companies to ask them to not put sugar in their products.

             Some actually listened!

  • Www.gamechangersmovie.com. Excellent documentary on successful athletes from all over the globe eating plant-based diet, with recipes included. Go Tennessee Titans, Go Tom Brady!
  • He took no prescriptions or other drugs.
  • He drank Living Water. Keep in glass bottles, not plastic. See: www.JohnEllis.com.
  • He would take a bag of dates everywhere with him to give him last minute energy.


With Brother Sky and his dad, Steve, at Date Farm