Sierra Club member:

Sierra Peak Section List finish (around 70 people have completed it).

Desert Peaks Section List finish.

100 peaks Section List finish.

Hiking county high points- Utah, California, and Arizona.

Mt. Everest equivalent by climbing Mt. San Jacinto 4x in two days Purpose to show that a vegan has endurance. (At and here.

                            MOUNTAINEERING & HIKING


Member of the “B” Mt. Hikers in Ridgecrest.

Led climbing treks to the Sierra Peaks, especially to Mt. Whitney 10 times.

  • Climbed Aconcagua- highest peak 23,000' in South America. Climbers retreat. Shane and his dad. Brother Stenson went, too!

  • Most dangerous climbing adventure- 10/4/2009 on his birthday. Caught alone in the middle of the High Sierras in an unexpected snow storm. He was rescued by helicopter, allowing him both a close view and apanoramic view of the Sierras. It ended up being the best birthday present he ever received!



The best made mountaineering plans can go awry.....sad. On a trip to climb Ojos del Salado, a 22,615 ft. peak in Chile, the unexpected occurred.........  

Shane didn't feel well and ended up in the El Salvador Hospital. 

He had become dehydrated and was put on an IV for a few days. He was not able to complete the climb beyond the 17,000' hut. However, he was fortunate by comparison. His father, Steve, and friend, Wendell, made it to the top, but on the descent, Wendell started having problems. He unfortunately died on the peak and Steve had to go for help to carry his body down the mountain. Jerry Boggs, Steve Smith and Russ Hunsaker then had to break the sad news to Wendell's wife who accompanied them on the trip to Chile. Of course, when an American dies in another country it becomes more complicated than here. Beware of surprises!

Shane in the hospital with Russ Hunsaker and Dad  Steve

Shane's videos to assist hikers to prepare for climbs: Check it out, new hikers and seasoned hikers. Good tips here.....

At Or below.....

Mountain Prep-backpack....keep it light

 Tent prep, poles, clothes, boots, socks...  

Last climb up Mt. Whitney Sept. 2019 with 4 ladies.....

Lisa Zavala, Jessica Harlow, Melissa Ballestero, Tiffany Terle.

Shane's last climb was on 14,000' Langley Peak in the Sierras          2019  with Lisa and Tiffany (taking photo).


First and Last Peaks for Sierra Club List Finish


Shane started climbing his first Sierra Peak- Manley Peak, at the age of 6, with his father Steve and his grandfather Fran. He, then, finished 40 years later on Tehipite Dome out of Shaver Lake with his father and brother Sky. Then, he received the Sierra Club List Finish award. This is where the 2020 Creek Fire has recently caused great devastation in California.

Sierra Peaks List Finish for Shane  BRAVO