Personal Recollections shared

from Shane's fellow workers at China Lake Naval Base, Ridgecrest.


My name is Megan Hyatt and I worked closely with Shane on the staff team for our department. I first wanted to express my condolences as the world lost one of the brightest lights in it.....

               Shane was Luminous! I honestly can’t remember a single time in which Shane walked into the room and it wasn’t instantly brighter. Even if Shane was having a bad day, he still managed to make everyone around him feel acknowledged and respected as he always struck an interest in their interests and well-being.

               I learned that no matter how bad your day is (or you may think it is), there is ALWAYS room for you to make someone else smile by simply asking them how they are or acknowledging their presence. Shane made it a point to acknowledge everyone in the room, especially those who were more introverted, to ensure they knew how important they were to him and the group as a whole. Shane definitely became one of the most extroverted introverts I knew.

               Shane and I worked closely on many projects in our department. We constantly bounced ideas off of each other for events or projects and became close with regards to sharing stories of our past or present as well as future goals. Shane and I shared the fact that we were both exploring a plant-based diet, so when he found out I loved cooking plant-based meals and living a plant-based lifestyle, he and I constantly shared recipes, experiences, and our investment into the Beyond Meat stocks! He and I not only both loved to talk about the vegan lifestyle, but we also both loved traveling! When I went to Peru, he prepped me by sharing his experiences from exploring Chile and hiking the Andes, which only led to many more discussions about our world travels! Besides food and travel, Shane and I loved to talk about our short-term goals and get excited about the journey we both had to take to get there. I moved into my new home in February and, before that, Shane and I always talked about the idea of owning assets and how he was so excited to buy his first home. When I got mine, he was nothing short of supportive, as well as curious, about my experience with the process and any advice he may take in preparation for his big move. Shane and I didn’t really hang out outside of work, we rarely texted each other, and we never hiked or traveled together-he and I shared these experiences throughout our years working together because of his genuine interest in others’ interests and the luck of us having so much in common. I am getting married next October, and if Shane was with us today I know he would be rooting me on while I start a new journey as well as attending my wedding with his full support!

              He helped his mama adopt a plant-based lifestyle to help her through her medical condition-and it worked wonders! That inspirational story he shared with me inspired me to explore the plant-based lifestyle so much more.

“Shane was a kind soul and awesome friend. My condolences for your family”.

Megan H 

“Words cannot emphasize how much Shane will be missed. He was always smiling, always happy and one of the genuinely kindest people I, and many others, have met. RIP-buddy.” Harris


“Shane was a beautiful human with the kindest heart and most genuine compassion for others. He will be missed.” Ali.


“Feels like a light went out in my heart. He was so beautiful, but he gave me so many memories. I will truly miss him.” Kim A.


“Shane was a wonderful person. Sending you prayers and love. I will miss him”. Alissa


“Shane, you will be missed. Missing you at ?” George/Ginge


“Sending love and prayers during this difficult time. Shane always brought a smile to my face and had the purest heart. We will definitely miss him.” Lindsey


“Shane was always in a few minutes before me and I looked forward to his greeting. The office is too quiet now. I miss him a lot. All I can say now.” Phil


“My deepest condolences to your family. Shane was the most genuine person who always had a smile for everyone and showed them the most compassion and presence. He will be missed.” Kimson


“My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Shane was so kind and genuine. He was a shining light in the office and will be missed”. Janelle


“My deepest condolences. Shane was a truly wonderful person. He cared deeply about those around him and was always there to lend a helping hand. We all miss him terribly”. Barry


“Shane was truly one of the kindest persons I have ever met. I feel fortunate enough that he touched my life. My thoughts are with you all. He will be very missed”. Megan VN


“Shane was an amazing person and will be deeply missed!” Heather


“Thoughts and prayers with you all. We were so blessed to have such an amazing soul among us”. Ashley


“My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I feel blessed to have met Shane. He was a genuine person that put a smile on everyone's face. He will be missed”. Katie


“My thoughts go out to you during this devastating time. In the time I got to know Shane, he truly touched my heart with his kindness and sincerity. The last time I was with him outside of work, we were singing karaoke. When we left, he noticed his bike tires had been stolen. His immediate reaction was filled with grace. He said, “That's okay. Someone else must have needed them more than me.” I knew he truly meant that. He was so compassionate and always expressed his value of people over material things. He was a heart of gold and will be deeply missed. I am so sorry for your loss”. Megan M.


“Words cannot describe how loving and caring you are. Shane had a gentle soul an open heart. He always talks about how exciting it is to be getting a degree and becoming a ESDP. Shane, you did achieve all these things. I was so proud of you! You will forever be missed. May your soul rest in peace. Accept my condolences”. Stella


“I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I wish you peace and comfort during this painful time”. Lori


“I'm sincerely sorry for your loss. Shane was the type of person who put a smile on everyone's face who deeply cared for those around him. He is greatly missed. He was a very special person.” Jess P.


“My prayers are with you during your time of grief. Shane is an exceptional person. Always kind, friendly, beautiful, caring and sweet. He will be very missed by all of us. It was a blessing to have known him for just a little while.” Nicole J.


“Shane was a caring soul who will be terribly missed. I have only known him for 5 months, but I know he had a special connection with every one he knew. I hope his soul is resting atop the the peaks of mountains, peacefully. My condolences go out to your family.” Jaime.


“My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Shane was a good man. I will always remember him”. Darrin


“Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Nicest person I ever met”. Corey


“Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. He was a kind soul and will be missed.” Oliver


“Shane was a light in the department and is deeply missed.” Nikki


“Shane was such a beautiful and genuine person. He will be so missed. My deepest condolences to you and your family”. T. Flani


“With deepest sympathy to your family. I hope you find peace knowing what a special man Shane was”. Mike C.


“I know no words will help during this incredibly difficult time, but I have a feeling you were major contributors into how good a man Shane was. He was the most kind, genuine and innocent person I have ever known and operated with zero ulterior motives-truly refreshing in these times. Thank you for investing in him, loving him and teaching him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did well. I miss him terribly”. Pam


“My prayers are with you all. Shane was such an awesome person and the most genuine and sincere gentleman. He will be greatly missed. Workday mornings will not be the same without his pleasant conversations and adventures he loved to share”. Angela S.


“My thoughts and prayers go out to you at during this time. Shane was an amazing kind person. I am truly blessed to have known him. I can honestly say I have never met a more gentle, sincere, patient person. Shane hiked two big hikes with me...Mt. Whitney and Langley. Both were tough for me but he stayed with me the whole way. So supportive:) I made it to the top and couldn't have done it without him. I miss him and will think of him whenever I go on a hike.” Lisa


“I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking about your family during this difficult time.” Hannah


“My heart goes out to you and your family. Shane was such a kind soul and a great joy to work with. He is missed terribly and will live on in our memories.” Anni D