Shane's Other Family Members

                    And Friends

Dad Steve Smith's side of the family

Steve's sister Susie and husband Vince

Steve's brother Dave with Christie, Stacie, Susie and India


Steve's brother Daud with Kinzler, Sten, Shane, Shelby and Skyler

Myles and Stacie with Ally and Kynsie

Shelby and Cousin Sakeena

Mom Susan's side of the family

Cousin Jane

Shane with Stacie, India, Shelby

Cousin Richard and daughter Courtney

Jim and Cousin Jan

Cousin Lynda

Rick and  Cousin Joan

Cousin Bob and Carol

Susan's Family Reunion

Shane with Cousins

Cousins Richard, Steve, Jane

With Aunt Jackie


Eddie Vokolek

Luis Riviera

Shane with Patrick Kirk

Anne Tong and Shane

Jerry and Darlene Stein

Kelli Cutts

Joyce McNamara and Marsha Lloyd

Robby Bowles

Penny Talley and Doris Lance

Kirk Van Linden