Celebration of the Life and Legacy of

Shane Stephen Smith


Come join us in a Celebration of Life....Shane's life, your own life, and the life of all living things that are now present on the Earth, including all of our loved ones who have passed on. In remembering those that have departed...Shane and all our family members and friends.................

“There is a legacy of understanding and love left behind by each and every soul who ever walked the Earth. For no life was ever wasted. Every lesson ever mastered by a fellow soul shines light on my life. Today I take time out to remember those loved ones who have ventured beyond this realm yet have left behind a plethora of wit and wisdom from which I might draw a bit of strength and serenity. Today I will contemplate the lives of those departed, and I will be grateful for the priceless gifts that their lives have bequeathed me”. Kathryn Brinkley- Secrets of the Light

We are grateful for the priceless gifts that Shane's life has given to us.