Shane's Accident and his Death and Dying Experience



Just a note of caution and also encouragement......

In our American culture, we seldom prepare ourselves for the death and dying process. This is not so in many other cultures. It is unfortunate, especially when we die suddenly like in Shane's case. He planned carefully to live to be over 100 with his diet, exercise, and thinking practices. However, like most of us, he did not focus on the dying process. Some of us have, especially those who have had near-death-experiences (NDE's, they are referred to), have had the opportunity to experience at least partially, the dying process. Also, those that have chosen to be hospice workers have been fortunate enough to experience part of the dying process, at least through empathy. So read on and if this is new to you, try to have an open mind.


The energies of 2020 have been profound and disturbing. Shane's death and dying experience certainly confirms those descriptors...........

Shane came to see us on the night before (Feb.13th), and the morning of (Feb.14th) his accident and shared that he felt a “dark wave” was coming. He wasn't sure how to interpret it. He thought he might be losing his job on base...which scared him, and he also felt his life and ours were in danger. He warned us to be careful. He was quite sick with a flu (Covid?). He hardly ever got sick so this was a major event for him. Shane often had premonitions about people and situations so I knew to take him seriously. We encouraged him to take the next day off and hike, as that was his answer to most challenges. On the way out the door, his last words to me were, “Mom, I love you, I love you. I am so sorry. I am so sorry”. He couldn't hug me cause of his cold and knew I was vulnerable.


He did take the day off, but instead of hiking, he headed to see his beloved aunt in Elk Grove, CA. We did not know. He was almost there when the hood went up on his old car, the window was rolled down apparently to keep himself awake as he hadn't slept well for a few days. He leaned out to see around the hood, inadvertently pulling the steering wheel to the left and hitting the highway barrier which ejected him from the car, out across to the oncoming lane of traffic. He died instantly. His premonition was correct. We have all felt the “dark wave” of the virus since then, and his family has also felt the “dark wave” of his shocking death. No one could have guessed what was coming then, or how dark it would get. Apparently, Shane did.


The night of his accident, after his death, he came to me, his mom. After Death Communication (ADC), it is called, and it is actually quite common with those who are open to it. Shane had helped me through 6 years of my cancer treatment, always encouraging me to keep up all my natural treatments. One of my treatments was Medical Cannabis. I took 1 gram a day for four months. Never having ever had any before, and being small framed, by nightfall it effected me in ways that I became the family comedian/clown. Shane would come over for dinner once a week and he would sit across the table facing me. After awhile, I would see him leaning to the left and pointing

left. “What are you doing?,” I would ask. He would say, “Mom, when you have cannabis, you lean to the left!” I realized it was true and it became a joke in the family so everyone at the table would lean left, too! I got teased a lot.


So my ADC with him was …....he was standing in front of me, well dressed in his favorite dress shirt, smiling, leaning and pointing to the left. I didn't get it at first until his step-dad reminded me the next day. Then, I received three pink roses (I love you) during the night, slowly unfolding in front of my eyes. I love pink roses and he knew it. Also, I saw him ascending into soft white puffy clouds. There was someone in back of him who I did not recognize. I couldn't sleep all night, but I had my tear-filled eyes closed. I will never forget the experience. BTW, by the time of his death, I was not taking cannabis.


For several weeks after Shane's passing, he has given us ADC's. He came to Robert, his step-dad, who had a NDE at the age of 25. He has been communicating with his sister Shelby and with me as well, but in a different way.


A few days after his death, Shane came to Robert in meditation. He knew Robert understood about the dying process. He has come again several times during Robert's morning meditations. He hung around and was concerned about me as we were so close for so many years. Finally Robert sensed that he was lost and scared, and hadn't accepted that he no longer had a body. Again, this happens when it is an unexpected accident. We were all in shock, too. Robert asked him if he saw the light. Shane did, but he was too afraid to move towards it. Robert offered to accompany him towards the light. Robert knew he could not go all the way, because then he could not come back. Robert took him as far as he could go where the light was bright and enormous. There was a soul-angel-guide waiting for Shane and he went on into the light. Robert has communicated with him several times since then, and Shane comes to reassure us that he is happy and fine. He shares his concern for us and encourages us to move on and not dwell on our loss of him. Easy for him to say!


Shelby receives messages also, often around pink roses. Another example, while creating his Celebration of Life when I can't decide what to do or write, I ask him to give me guidance and answers come. I sit in his favorite chair at the table and I do eventually get answers. For example, using his website, and not having people gather in large groups, was an idea I received from him after asking for guidance.


10 months later, after Shane's death, I awoke and realized why his last words to me were, “Mom, I am so sorry”. He felt he might never see me again, and that he couldn't explain the fear and confusion he felt. He always worked hard to figure out his thoughts and feelings and would explain them to me. He felt defeated by his inability to understand the energies around him. He felt like so many of us today as the “dark wave” has descended on the globe.